Belize Real Estate: Unveiling Hidden Gems in the Caribbean

Real estate in Belize is relatively affordable. Prices have increased over the past decade, but they still are much lower than those in North America and Europe.

Foreigners can purchase property free and clear with a freehold title just like citizens of Belize. They can also have a corporation, Belize Trust or LLC hold the title in their name for asset protection purposes.

1. Beachfront Condos

Belize is one of the top emerging property markets in the Caribbean and Latin America. This is thanks to a tropical climate, stunning beaches, and friendly people.

Beachfront condominiums are one of the most popular choices for new and seasoned real estate investors in Belize. Belize’s island of Ambergris Caye is home to many of the country’s best developments. They include villas and condos in managed communities with onsite staff, perfect for those who want a turnkey lifestyle.

Then there’s Placencia, a stunning peninsula rimmed by pristine beaches. Here, you’ll find more Robinson Crusoe-style properties but also a bustling tourism scene and plenty of activities.

2. Waterfront Homes

The pristine coastline, tropical breezes and miles of untouched beaches in Belize are drawing a growing number of buyers to this up-and-coming Caribbean country. But what makes the place particularly attractive is its surprisingly affordable cost of living.

One such prime property for sale in Belize is a captivating riverfront parcel with significant potential tucked away in the picturesque countryside just minutes from the agriculture hub of Spanish Lookout. The lot offers a breathtaking vista of the roaring Belize River with a private knoll that would make for an ideal homesite location.

Other choices include homes in the upscale community of River Pointe in Belize City, which is home to 32 two-acre lots with premium homesite locations and an abundance of natural amenities. The community also features a jogging path, jungle trails and open space.

3. Beachfront Lots

Pristine white beaches, glamorous sunsets, and stretches of palm-fringed shoreline are what attract many to consider Belize as a place to live.

The most popular areas to invest in Belize real estate for sale include San Pedro real estate Belize, Placencia, and Corozal. Each area offers a different lifestyle and price point.

For example, this treehouse-style home near Maya Beach is 13 feet in the air and a nature lover’s paradise. With 684 square feet of indoor/outdoor living, it’s listed for $99,000.

Belize real estate prices are very reasonable compared to other Caribbean countries. Plus, there’s no capital gains tax in Belize, which makes it even more appealing for retirees to buy property here and then sell it later at a profit. The key is to have a good real estate agent to help you navigate the process.

4. Condominiums

The number of tourists visiting Belize has increased significantly over the last two to three years placing property values in Ambergris Caye and Placencia on a steady upward trajectory. This has led to a boom in new condominium development in these sought-after areas.

Condominiums aren’t for everyone but they are an attractive choice for those looking to enjoy a carefree lifestyle without the expense of maintaining a single-family home. They also allow owners to rent their homes when they are not using them which makes them a great investment option.

Condos in Belize are rarely high-rise buildings and usually consist of two to four-story structures that are popular on Ambergris Caye, Placencia, and Hopkins. Most offer Strata Title ownership which allows foreigners to own fee-simple real estate.

5. Land

When looking at investing in Belize real estate, there are various options. Investors can buy a beachfront property in a resort community, homes or condos within a local town, or land in the country.

One of the main reasons people choose to invest in land is the low taxes. There is no capital gains tax and the property taxes are incredibly affordable. For example, a house worth $250,000 US could have property taxes as low as $500 to $1000 per year in less developed areas.

While appreciation is a great benefit, Jason is focused on cash flow and wants his investment to be positive from day one. Mike agrees that appreciation is icing on the cake and doesn’t outweigh the value of cash-flow positive rental properties.